A New Book for any place anytime

I haven’t read ‘The Divine Comedy’ of Dante, nor did I get a chance to read any  literary work of Petrarch (founder of Humanism) or Boccaccio. The three famous fountains of European Renaissance. What I learned about them is through their significant works they extended the line of Humanity which was somehow on the verge of its loss during that time in and around Europe.

Reading the book “Unueco Partio: Creating a Single World Currency” gave me a feeling this is one of the books for this Present Time to extend the line of Humanity once again.

From the name of the book one might think it is all about Economics but reading it I discovered its core passion towards world humanity and its Unity. What I love about this book is it’s acknowledgement of the Creator of Humanity and that how circling around Him humankind can discover its Greater unity and a Better world of equality:) .



I am pleased to announce the release of the first Unueco Partio book. Book Description Using principles from the world’s faiths and sciences, values shared by individuals and families, and the desire to constantly innovate and improve, Unueco Partio makes the argument for creating a single world currency. To support this, a framework of ideas […]

via Unueco Partio: Creating a Single World Currency — Unueco Partio

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