Living Words

Today when i saw the word ‘expert’ the person who first came to my mind is ‘Jesus’. The reason might be I was thinking of Him before i read that word.

What was he expert at? At Loving, being compassionate, wise, forgiving, understanding… at being an Ideal human, at being an ideal delegate of God! What was the driving force behind his expertise? I see ‘Love’. Actually now that I am saying he was expert my heart is saying -nah! those virtues are actually beyond the feel of the word expertise or skills. He was more than that. If i say he practiced ‘Love’ then it feels less softer than ‘Love’. But yeah Love itself got revealed through him. He let Love flow through..To the extent that there remained no barrier between Him and Love. Therefore whomever received him received Love. He let forgiveness flow within to the extent that there remained no barrier between him and Forgiveness. Thus whomever received him received Forgiveness.

🙂 He not only taught to love ,he became love. He lived the words he spoke. He himself was living words. Living Holy Book. He and all whom God sent as His Messenger. All of them are the Living Words of God.