Poverty has been playing a dangerous role behind rising crimes and accepting crimes for a long time. The crimes ranges from petty stealing to even killing the mass people.

I would say one of the many reasons behind ‘rising extremist groups’ is ‘poverty’.  Extremist or Opportunist Oppressive leaders have been using this as a tool to lure the poor ones, from children to adults, to commit a crime for their purpose in exchange of money. During the strikes they would give money to some poor who may not even have any direct connection to any political party and ask them to go burn down vehicles, cut down the trees to block roads, bang someone’s head, throw cocktails or such explosives etc. They would target needy people even from middle class or seemingly rich family who probably got into some crisis and are needing urgent help. They would give them money as loan or even free. And bind them in a circle of liability ,gratitude as a price for the taken help. What do they want in return? They want them as their slave now to perform all the tasks they need to get done for establishing fear among the people and establish ‘Power’ over others. I would admit ‘greed’ also plays a lead key in this scenario.

But there are genuine poverty too. There are people whose even very basic needs are not met. There are people who get education and have good skills too but then they face crisis of work. Either because they don’t have a higher pricey degree or because they don’t have enough money to give as a bribe, or because they don’t have early work experience (Man, where do i get experience from if you don’t give me a job in the first place? :p ) or because they don’t look smart enough etc. etc. There are also many people with many good skills even if they don’t necessarily have higher degrees. But how often are they considered to be hired? Not very often. Especially in a poor country job with a good salary for such people is almost like water in the middle of desert and in  a developing country you will have to keep good watch. Farming, Carpentry, Plumbing, Cleaning etc. are pretty significant works but yet if you look from the perspective of those countries you will see how even a respectful work looses its appeal due to the money you earn against it. Imagine a farmer in south Asia. Rice is a very popular agricultural product in those countries. But how much does a farmer earn. Let alone money a farmer doesn’t even get a respectful look at them often. When someone from city goes to visit villages and they smile at a farmer i wonder how often do they feel like that man is equal even to the man who might be a boss in his office. Can we imagine if all the farmers, all the road cleaners, all those workers whose work looks low to us stopped working in those sectors who would do those chores? Either the rich ones or since they r not skilled at those works may b we all go starving, enjoy garbage all around etc.

Anyway.. So when people receives neither just portion against their labor nor even respect they eventually get frustrated. And these frustrations sometimes lead to small crimes to potential big crimes. Obviously there are strong people too who wouldn’t fall in the traps of crime to get money. But their strength doesn’t make them unworthy of getting proper price for their works!

To what extent can a family’s poverty go that even a mother takes drastic step to sell her daughter/s. To which extent poverty has reached that mans are falling in the traps of human trafficking. Sometimes some people would knowingly sell themselves to crime just because the hunger for food, the need of some clothes to cover the body, the need of a roof over head is pretty heavy.

Where has this poverty come from? Why there are people going without foods day after day when in their neighborhood many are sleeping on pricey beds, eating extra pricey foods or more foods than needed or even more foods than they can handle and who even own more than one car. How did all this happen. Why ,how and from where did we start the trend of deciding which work would get more salary and which would get low to lower? Do you think our present system got a Just distribution of economy among all the people on earth?

I believe in law enforcement to prevent crimes. But laws can’t be enough when people are starving unjustly or are being treated with discrimination. And above all I also feel the need of spiritual education for people to promote ‘understanding of Oneness’, ‘Love’ and ‘Unity’.

I wonder what could be a good applicable solution to this ‘Poverty’ and unjust distribution issue. This is definitely needed to be taken seriously even if those issues cease to provoke crimes. And other playing reasons behind crimes should be taken care of too.


10 thoughts on “Poverty

  1. Poverty is a trap. A vicious cycle. My husband and I participated in a poverty simulation that was q unite realistic. It changed our view. There are so many businesses that prey upon the impoverished. We live in an area that has a very clear dividing line between rich and poor. A river runs through the two sides. I believe every single person who has the ability to see and hear needs to hone their senses to recognize and pay attention to those who are weary of reaching out and are walking among us lost in the struggle.

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  2. Journey of Roo…. I understand the perspective about how poverty can breed violence. There are scarce resources for many.. just the sheer idea of a competition based society would make this scenario inherently violent.

    Yet, imagine all the reasons why people who have material possessions avoid areas of poverty. The idea is areas of poverty “must” be areas of violence, that it is unsafe to be near the poor, it feeds a dangerous feedback loop. The wealthy avoiding the poor due to a belief of violence only further enforces the cycle of poverty. How can one volunteer to help another’s life be better if you will die?

    Also, governments often treat the impoverished as sources of terrorism or other mass violence. So far these types of anecdotes seem true due to common story-telling, but often times the evidence doesn’t support this.

    The Americas for example, have an entire history of violence among all classes of society. Currently, there is more crime in certain inner city neighborhoods with high rates of poverty, but the mass shootings and other forms of terrorism occur by those in the middle-class and wealthy areas by well-educated individuals with access to opportunity. One-on-one violent crimes seem to be more about personal relationships or the hope for a change in those relationships. Rape often occurs by someone who knows the victim. Domestic abuse is the most common form of assault. Even gang crimes only escalate when things become personal, not solely due to scarce resources. However mass shootings and terrorism always occur due to an ideology. Often times the impoverished don’t have the means to support idealism, nor the education to truly understand how a system can fail an ideology. These ideologies often include some type of religious utopia, or racial supremacy, sometimes even a change in political organization.

    When I worked in one of the US Intelligence agencies on a counter-terrorism mission, we would receive questions about vulnerable populations to become indoctrinated into terrorism. A good example would be the Muslim Rohingya population fleeing persecution by Buddhist militants in Myanmar. Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, and Malaysia have been forced to take in hundreds of thousands of refugees. These nations were concerned these impoverished people would be easily susceptible to extremism due to their poverty and struggles. After much careful study and consideration, we found no indications of them being even interested in fighting in the name of militant Islam. It seems their biggest concern was their collective survival in countries they could never call home. Instead, we found the most likely sources of indoctrination were to be university students. This population has the time and resources to consider ideology and pathways to work towards this ideology. Imagine throughout the years of media, throughout the world, of university protests against wars, leaders, injustice, and rights. It is these people, students of financial means, students of knowledge, students of change… who lead revolution and change, sometimes for progress or regress.

    I do agree poverty is a grave injustice… but I also believe it is a grave injustice to place the accusations of major crime solely as a burden of the impoverished. Most are merely trying to survive in a cruel world, a cruel world that all too often prejudges their moral capacities as inferior to yours, to mine, or to anyone else who can afford to read WordPress.

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    • Thank you bunches for pointing to the point which i missed to spell here clearly. and that was obviously one very important thing to admit that – Poverty for sure is not the sole reason behind all crimes. Although it can be one of the numerous factors. in the middle of the post have admitted that ‘Greed’ plays a good role too. at the end of my post have written that ‘Other’ playing reasons behind crime should be taken care of too.
      What you have shared here is pretty eye opening. I hope other readers too will get to take a look at your points and can have a good look within to think/rethink how often i/we may have avoided an area of poverty and why. I honestly haven’t thought about that perspective before.
      Btw, in this post my main intention was to share that poverty itself is an injustice and one of its bad effect could be ‘crime’ sometimes. and that the ‘Poverty’ issue should be taken care of even if it never lead to potential crime. ‘Poverty’ is a result of Injustice for sure. I would really like you to share your ideas about how ‘poverty’ can be eliminated.

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      • Your intention is good, and your writing is very on point for much of it. Poverty is probably the #1 issue we have. Everything else can be more tolerable if much of the world wasn’t just struggling to have food, clean water, and shelter through their own means.

        I posted on my blog my first post dedicated to our systems which promote poverty. It may be a topic I keep coming to as the blog’s ideas develop themselves in its organic process. Here is the link to this post if you’d like to read. Thank you!


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    • I also think – Crime knows neither wealth, nor gender, nor faith, nor color, nor social status anything… Just like Goodness/ Justice too knows none of it. Even Hatred doesn’t know any of it neither does Love. All those opposites seems to me just a less version of the other. E.G. Injustice = Less Justice, Hatred = Less Love. When we pour water of justice the Tree of Justice grows big and when we don’t it remains tiny and that form is called less justice.

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  3. Unueco Partio, your ideas are very clear and precise. I just read your blog and the solution you have suggested there i feel very positive about it. And i hope the world too can see into it, accept it and work towards the solution together. Humble thanks to you as a citizen of this world.


  4. Profound thoughts… I actually have an article that talks about this problem in Mexico (if you want to check it out). T think that living in poverty is an non ending cycle. Like if you don’t have money you won’t have education, and if you don’t have education you will have no money…

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