Minority and Majority

What is minority?

When a set of people are different (in their ethnicity, faith, color, wealth, gender, sexual orientation etc.) in relation to the rest of the population of a country they are considered minority within the boundary of that country.

It intrigues me to observe that one land’s minority is another land’s majority. And yet Minority Issue is a burning issue of our world. Since when? Ever since men started to –

  • set borders and create own territory leaving others to need permission to enter their territories.
  • fear.
  • nurture superior feelings.
  • fight each other over different opinions, different ability to earn a day’s living, different ability to protect ownself.
  • deem it justified to offense or attack whoever seemed easy to dominate!

I have been observing some news and people reaction to minority issues. Some recent issues regarding the killing of people of minority group evoked concern among the minority groups and they came out to the street to speak loud for justice. But i haven’t seen them doing so before when people of majority groups were killed unjustly too.

In few days when on the other side of earth a group of another minority group was attacked some people from anther side of earth immediately got concerned whether their relatives around that neighborhood is safe or not. Once they knew they are safe they felt safer.

When a person from majority group is oppressed by men of the majority group it is taken as normal injustice issue. You will hardly see any mention of religion in such cases. But if this man was killed by someone from minority group or if someone from minority group was killed by man from majority group then it immediately sparks fire of ‘Religious love’ and general people alongside the media will name it a religious enmity issue! Why? Isn’t killing an universally recognized crime? I admit there are some people who use the name of faith and their desired interpretations to feel justified about their killings. But do we too somehow feel less justified to speak for justice unless we can add the label of religion to it? Do we secretly recognize it that it is religion which teaches justice so we can expect justice through it? Whatever thoughts are running in our head at that moment those are a mix of our dark and light sides. No?

For the reason i haven’t mentioned the name of the minority groups nor of the majority groups is these are common phenomenon from dynamic perspectives.

So we usually move our bodies to speak for justice only when our countrymen or whom we consider of our type are involved? Think how would it be if we knew we all are in reality of one family and one country. Let’s at least consider to ponder upon it. At this point i would like to share a quote of a messenger of God –

The Great Being saith: Blessed and happy is he that ariseth to promote the best interests of the peoples and kindreds of the earth. In another passage He hath proclaimed: It is not for him to pride himself who loveth his own country, but rather for him who loveth the whole world. The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens.~Gleanings from the writings of Baha’u’llah

It is sad when we want tolerance and justice towards all faith when we play ‘minority’ in a country but when we play ‘majority’ in another country or land  we are oppressive. Thankfully not all are like this and that is where the hope is shining. The bright side is the majority of the people of a country do not support oppression over the minorities. Yesterday just from the responses to one word prompt of ‘understanding’ the way everyone spoke out for the lost lives i strongly believe together we all can rebuild humanity and the country named ‘Earth’ without borders. Please tell me under the Umbrella of One God, our Maker, our Creator, who is minority and who is majority? I see neither but a great Oneness, One big family.

9 thoughts on “Minority and Majority

  1. I don’t know much about the Baha’u’llah, but I have seen the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa Israel. Too bad humanity cannot be as harmonious and as beautiful as the gardens. I can’t post a photo here, but it is worth clicking on this link to see a beautiful photo of the gardens.



  2. Simply and beautifully stated. 🙂 I wonder if there can be any stories about how you or others who comment have assisted a minority who was oppressed, treated unfairly… and how you assisted that person. Might be inspiring.

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    • Here is a story from my class –
      Usually the students play together without asking whose faith is what. But for some days i had been noticing some disrespectful attitude of some students towards the students who are minorities according to the definition of minority. So one day i asked in the class (with both majority and minority) – Who do they believe has created the people of all faith. They all answered , ‘God’. Well, suppose there are people who think God didn’t create them. What do you think who might have created them? They gave innocent smile – God did. Do you think God loves anyone any less? Now they became a bit thoughtful. After sometime they answered- i think God loves all. Another day I picked 6 students from 3 different faith and told them to share prayers from their respective scriptures or the way they feel like talking to God. Although some students from majority group at first felt a bit surprising but eventually when we discussed the meanings of all the prayers shared everyone looked they can see the inner oneness. The minority kids looked happy. And the majority group no longer looked at the minority students with disrespect.
      That was a simple initiative to encourage understanding of unity among the kids who are the future adults by whom a nation is going to get shaped up.


  3. You’ve written really sensitively about the segregation & division of society an issue that is so prominent, relevant & essential that we speak about!

    You’ve executed such a poignant, evocative post which I would be more than happy to share 🙂

    All the very best!

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  4. I want to thank you for your very thoughtful reply, to the biggest hot button issue facing this planet Earth today. I do believe there was a creator. HE put all of this together all the different types of people, religions and countries. Borders started going up and no doubt HE cried and cried a lot more every year since then, trying to figure out why the humans HE created, got so full of hate, when he built them and put them together with love. HE must spend a lot of time with tears in his eyes, waiting for us to get our act together before the final curtain falls on this planet.

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      • Hi, I just went there for a visit and read.
        “What is Unity?”
        That sounds like great food for a hungry mind to munch on and possibly become very well nourished. Unity to me is a power that we all have the keys to unlock. We first must get rid of selfish, inward looking thoughts. Start looking at a world of fellowship and togetherness bound together with Love. If we can imagine a world with proactive ideas in our minds, we could all help create unity. Unity is the only weapon we have for killing hatred. We don’t have to kill people, just the hatred that is dwelling in them!

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  5. That is excellent, Leland! When i faced my inner hatred without fear and understood it i realized it is needing a transformation. transform ‘Hatred’ into ‘Love’.
    Btw I am sharing your comment with ‘unuecopartio’. 🙂


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