This word mostly used to bring to mind an act of understanding others. But in recent years i have realized the importance of ‘understanding my self’. Understanding comes from knowing. Knowing comes from curiosity and seeking and discovering.

Knowing to understand and realize has always been prescribed by the Great Thinkers, Philosophers, Prophets, Great men since very ancient times. Most of us are pretty familiar with the quote of Socrates, ‘Know Thyself’. Even the holy scriptures point to the importance of knowing one’s own self. Those say the one who knows himself knows the God. Profound!

Several years ago i came across some events which lead me to this thought – ‘Something is missing! It seems i really don’t know my self.’ Then i took the task of looking into my self seriously to know my self. I won’t say i have discovered it all . But i would like to share that in the process i started to understand my self and it lead me to transform into a changed person who started to understand others better than before. When i fearlessly faced my both dark and light sides i understood others too. When i saw how i improve from a less good act to better then i also believe in the same for others. The understandings of my self led me to love my self more as well as others regardless of their sex, nationality, colors, faith etc. The understanding of my self led me to understand the visible and invisible connections with all creations. The understanding led me to be more compassionate towards other animals and creatures in the nature and be more respectful to them.

How good would you feel to be offended or be attacked only because you don’t have lots of weapons in the house or you look polite enough to not hit back or you too look somewhat angry (although you haven’t posed any threat yet) or you just have the potential to attack or because you look simply Different! It seems MisUnderstanding or Non Understanding can even promote ‘Wars’. No? Not understanding and not preserving the rights of other animals lead to the current deforestation issues and wild animal extinctions. Not understanding is leading some parts of earth cutting down the big trees while not planting at least 2 to replace the cut one. When you go in the scorching sun how much care do you take for your self –

  • cover your head with a veil at least
  • use sunscreen lotions
  • use umbrella
  • use sunglasses
  • drink lots of water etc.

What about the earth? God has provided Big Trees as source of foods and also as the umbrella upon earth. The earth which we literally feed on what are we providing for it? If earth becomes sick isn’t it a simple math that we’ll get sick too? If we care for it wouldn’t it mean to care for our selves too?

In many cultures it is taught that humans are superior to other animals. But how superior are humans’ actions? What does the sun take from us and yet sheds light upon whole earth without asking who is what color and what faith. The trees give us shades and even its fruits. How often does it ask for something in return, does it even ask which part of earth was i born so it knows if i m native to it or not so it can decide whether to provide me the shade or not? I have a feeling the trees can feel the touch of same Maker on it and us. So the nature world treat all equally. We have a lot to understand from them and apply in our lives.

Remember the story of  Abel (Habil) and Cain(Qabil) – how God taught men to bury the dead by sending two crows? Animals had been appointed even as teachers for humans since such ancient time. Intriguing!  This is my understanding. 🙂


Image credit: Wikipedia

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