We all are connected. By the word ‘We’ i mean all Humans( regardless of their sex, age, faith, color etc.), all Animals, all the Plants and Trees, all Elements everything in nature and beyond. What is the connection between all of us? We all are creations of One Creator. We may call This Supreme Power with different names but He remains the Same One. We are a creation family. Although we have produced some separating factors like- birth location, colors, language, faith, physical appearance etc. But how rational is this act of us? Think within a family if 2 siblings were born in 2 different locations would/ do you consider each other ‘not family’?

Just like in a family each member plays different roles the same way, look at this big creation family, we all play different roles. Our different roles are not to separate us but to fulfill our collective needs. My favorite example to understand this unity is ‘human figure’. Look at every part of you. How diverse are they in appearance, their locations in your body, and their actions. Yet each are connected by bones, muscles, veins etc. We consider them collectively as one human body.  The whole creation is connected the same way through visible and invisible threads. Therefore when we hurt other creatures we somehow hurt ourselves. Sometimes we understand it ,sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we feel it sometimes we don’t. But I believe we all actually do understand and feel. We discover the feelings and understandings at different times may be but we all do after all. It is kinda inevitable. Because we all are connected.





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