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I believe one picture may evoke many different thoughts or emotions in different persons. When I was producing this art work I had some thoughts and some realizations. Even i sometimes get a different feelings when I look at these works later. Does it happen to you too?

I would like you to share whatever thoughts or feelings evoked inside you as you are seeing this art work. I really would like to discover our interconnected thoughts and their flow.

Thanks 🙂
Tourist Water


Poverty has been playing a dangerous role behind rising crimes and accepting crimes for a long time. The crimes ranges from petty stealing to even killing the mass people.

I would say one of the many reasons behind ‘rising extremist groups’ is ‘poverty’.  Extremist or Opportunist Oppressive leaders have been using this as a tool to lure the poor ones, from children to adults, to commit a crime for their purpose in exchange of money. During the strikes they would give money to some poor who may not even have any direct connection to any political party and ask them to go burn down vehicles, cut down the trees to block roads, bang someone’s head, throw cocktails or such explosives etc. They would target needy people even from middle class or seemingly rich family who probably got into some crisis and are needing urgent help. They would give them money as loan or even free. And bind them in a circle of liability ,gratitude as a price for the taken help. What do they want in return? They want them as their slave now to perform all the tasks they need to get done for establishing fear among the people and establish ‘Power’ over others. I would admit ‘greed’ also plays a lead key in this scenario.

But there are genuine poverty too. There are people whose even very basic needs are not met. There are people who get education and have good skills too but then they face crisis of work. Either because they don’t have a higher pricey degree or because they don’t have enough money to give as a bribe, or because they don’t have early work experience (Man, where do i get experience from if you don’t give me a job in the first place? :p ) or because they don’t look smart enough etc. etc. There are also many people with many good skills even if they don’t necessarily have higher degrees. But how often are they considered to be hired? Not very often. Especially in a poor country job with a good salary for such people is almost like water in the middle of desert and in  a developing country you will have to keep good watch. Farming, Carpentry, Plumbing, Cleaning etc. are pretty significant works but yet if you look from the perspective of those countries you will see how even a respectful work looses its appeal due to the money you earn against it. Imagine a farmer in south Asia. Rice is a very popular agricultural product in those countries. But how much does a farmer earn. Let alone money a farmer doesn’t even get a respectful look at them often. When someone from city goes to visit villages and they smile at a farmer i wonder how often do they feel like that man is equal even to the man who might be a boss in his office. Can we imagine if all the farmers, all the road cleaners, all those workers whose work looks low to us stopped working in those sectors who would do those chores? Either the rich ones or since they r not skilled at those works may b we all go starving, enjoy garbage all around etc.

Anyway.. So when people receives neither just portion against their labor nor even respect they eventually get frustrated. And these frustrations sometimes lead to small crimes to potential big crimes. Obviously there are strong people too who wouldn’t fall in the traps of crime to get money. But their strength doesn’t make them unworthy of getting proper price for their works!

To what extent can a family’s poverty go that even a mother takes drastic step to sell her daughter/s. To which extent poverty has reached that mans are falling in the traps of human trafficking. Sometimes some people would knowingly sell themselves to crime just because the hunger for food, the need of some clothes to cover the body, the need of a roof over head is pretty heavy.

Where has this poverty come from? Why there are people going without foods day after day when in their neighborhood many are sleeping on pricey beds, eating extra pricey foods or more foods than needed or even more foods than they can handle and who even own more than one car. How did all this happen. Why ,how and from where did we start the trend of deciding which work would get more salary and which would get low to lower? Do you think our present system got a Just distribution of economy among all the people on earth?

I believe in law enforcement to prevent crimes. But laws can’t be enough when people are starving unjustly or are being treated with discrimination. And above all I also feel the need of spiritual education for people to promote ‘understanding of Oneness’, ‘Love’ and ‘Unity’.

I wonder what could be a good applicable solution to this ‘Poverty’ and unjust distribution issue. This is definitely needed to be taken seriously even if those issues cease to provoke crimes. And other playing reasons behind crimes should be taken care of too.




This word prompted me to share a quote here –

God is busy with the completion of your work,

both outwardly and inwardly.

He is fully occupied with you.

Every human being is a work in progress

that is slowly but inexorably moving toward perfection.

We are each an unfinished work of art

both waiting and striving to be completed.

God deals with each of us separately

because humanity is a fine art of skilled penmanship

where every single dot is equally important for the entire picture.

~ Shams-i-Tabriz


Minority and Majority

What is minority?

When a set of people are different (in their ethnicity, faith, color, wealth, gender, sexual orientation etc.) in relation to the rest of the population of a country they are considered minority within the boundary of that country.

It intrigues me to observe that one land’s minority is another land’s majority. And yet Minority Issue is a burning issue of our world. Since when? Ever since men started to –

  • set borders and create own territory leaving others to need permission to enter their territories.
  • fear.
  • nurture superior feelings.
  • fight each other over different opinions, different ability to earn a day’s living, different ability to protect ownself.
  • deem it justified to offense or attack whoever seemed easy to dominate!

I have been observing some news and people reaction to minority issues. Some recent issues regarding the killing of people of minority group evoked concern among the minority groups and they came out to the street to speak loud for justice. But i haven’t seen them doing so before when people of majority groups were killed unjustly too.

In few days when on the other side of earth a group of another minority group was attacked some people from anther side of earth immediately got concerned whether their relatives around that neighborhood is safe or not. Once they knew they are safe they felt safer.

When a person from majority group is oppressed by men of the majority group it is taken as normal injustice issue. You will hardly see any mention of religion in such cases. But if this man was killed by someone from minority group or if someone from minority group was killed by man from majority group then it immediately sparks fire of ‘Religious love’ and general people alongside the media will name it a religious enmity issue! Why? Isn’t killing an universally recognized crime? I admit there are some people who use the name of faith and their desired interpretations to feel justified about their killings. But do we too somehow feel less justified to speak for justice unless we can add the label of religion to it? Do we secretly recognize it that it is religion which teaches justice so we can expect justice through it? Whatever thoughts are running in our head at that moment those are a mix of our dark and light sides. No?

For the reason i haven’t mentioned the name of the minority groups nor of the majority groups is these are common phenomenon from dynamic perspectives.

So we usually move our bodies to speak for justice only when our countrymen or whom we consider of our type are involved? Think how would it be if we knew we all are in reality of one family and one country. Let’s at least consider to ponder upon it. At this point i would like to share a quote of a messenger of God –

The Great Being saith: Blessed and happy is he that ariseth to promote the best interests of the peoples and kindreds of the earth. In another passage He hath proclaimed: It is not for him to pride himself who loveth his own country, but rather for him who loveth the whole world. The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens.~Gleanings from the writings of Baha’u’llah

It is sad when we want tolerance and justice towards all faith when we play ‘minority’ in a country but when we play ‘majority’ in another country or land  we are oppressive. Thankfully not all are like this and that is where the hope is shining. The bright side is the majority of the people of a country do not support oppression over the minorities. Yesterday just from the responses to one word prompt of ‘understanding’ the way everyone spoke out for the lost lives i strongly believe together we all can rebuild humanity and the country named ‘Earth’ without borders. Please tell me under the Umbrella of One God, our Maker, our Creator, who is minority and who is majority? I see neither but a great Oneness, One big family.



This word mostly used to bring to mind an act of understanding others. But in recent years i have realized the importance of ‘understanding my self’. Understanding comes from knowing. Knowing comes from curiosity and seeking and discovering.

Knowing to understand and realize has always been prescribed by the Great Thinkers, Philosophers, Prophets, Great men since very ancient times. Most of us are pretty familiar with the quote of Socrates, ‘Know Thyself’. Even the holy scriptures point to the importance of knowing one’s own self. Those say the one who knows himself knows the God. Profound!

Several years ago i came across some events which lead me to this thought – ‘Something is missing! It seems i really don’t know my self.’ Then i took the task of looking into my self seriously to know my self. I won’t say i have discovered it all . But i would like to share that in the process i started to understand my self and it lead me to transform into a changed person who started to understand others better than before. When i fearlessly faced my both dark and light sides i understood others too. When i saw how i improve from a less good act to better then i also believe in the same for others. The understandings of my self led me to love my self more as well as others regardless of their sex, nationality, colors, faith etc. The understanding of my self led me to understand the visible and invisible connections with all creations. The understanding led me to be more compassionate towards other animals and creatures in the nature and be more respectful to them.

How good would you feel to be offended or be attacked only because you don’t have lots of weapons in the house or you look polite enough to not hit back or you too look somewhat angry (although you haven’t posed any threat yet) or you just have the potential to attack or because you look simply Different! It seems MisUnderstanding or Non Understanding can even promote ‘Wars’. No? Not understanding and not preserving the rights of other animals lead to the current deforestation issues and wild animal extinctions. Not understanding is leading some parts of earth cutting down the big trees while not planting at least 2 to replace the cut one. When you go in the scorching sun how much care do you take for your self –

  • cover your head with a veil at least
  • use sunscreen lotions
  • use umbrella
  • use sunglasses
  • drink lots of water etc.

What about the earth? God has provided Big Trees as source of foods and also as the umbrella upon earth. The earth which we literally feed on what are we providing for it? If earth becomes sick isn’t it a simple math that we’ll get sick too? If we care for it wouldn’t it mean to care for our selves too?

In many cultures it is taught that humans are superior to other animals. But how superior are humans’ actions? What does the sun take from us and yet sheds light upon whole earth without asking who is what color and what faith. The trees give us shades and even its fruits. How often does it ask for something in return, does it even ask which part of earth was i born so it knows if i m native to it or not so it can decide whether to provide me the shade or not? I have a feeling the trees can feel the touch of same Maker on it and us. So the nature world treat all equally. We have a lot to understand from them and apply in our lives.

Remember the story of  Abel (Habil) and Cain(Qabil) – how God taught men to bury the dead by sending two crows? Animals had been appointed even as teachers for humans since such ancient time. Intriguing!  This is my understanding. 🙂


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We all are connected. By the word ‘We’ i mean all Humans( regardless of their sex, age, faith, color etc.), all Animals, all the Plants and Trees, all Elements everything in nature and beyond. What is the connection between all of us? We all are creations of One Creator. We may call This Supreme Power with different names but He remains the Same One. We are a creation family. Although we have produced some separating factors like- birth location, colors, language, faith, physical appearance etc. But how rational is this act of us? Think within a family if 2 siblings were born in 2 different locations would/ do you consider each other ‘not family’?

Just like in a family each member plays different roles the same way, look at this big creation family, we all play different roles. Our different roles are not to separate us but to fulfill our collective needs. My favorite example to understand this unity is ‘human figure’. Look at every part of you. How diverse are they in appearance, their locations in your body, and their actions. Yet each are connected by bones, muscles, veins etc. We consider them collectively as one human body.  The whole creation is connected the same way through visible and invisible threads. Therefore when we hurt other creatures we somehow hurt ourselves. Sometimes we understand it ,sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we feel it sometimes we don’t. But I believe we all actually do understand and feel. We discover the feelings and understandings at different times may be but we all do after all. It is kinda inevitable. Because we all are connected.