As soon as i saw this word the first line came to my mind was – “Survival of the fittest.”

So, whoever survives is the fittest? Or whoever is the fittest do survive for sure? Then i must know what is survival or what is even fitness.

Survivalthe act or fact of surviving, especially under adverse or unusual circumstances.   I am trying to understand it through story or personal experience.

I was around 7 years old. One day i, my mother and one niece were going to visit my eldest sister. On way we met an accident and we all fell off to the street. I remember seeing the car passing closely by me when i was laying on the ground. and i saw on the other side people ran to help us and helped my mom to take to a safer side. After that we were taken to home or my sister’s place i don’t remember very well now. I remember my mom got terribly hurt and she was bleeding here and there. I arms and legs were bleeding and i got a loose tooth. I remember the scene of me crying like ..umm.. i don’t know what should i compare it to.. well it was very loud cry as i was being taken to the doctor’s chamber for injection. I wasn’t willing at all even to see a piece of needle before my eyes! Let alone getting injected :p . I was crying and holding a pillar right outside doctor’s chamber. Someone once told me i am somewhat like monkeys. My grips were good enough even in childhood, now i realize. But still i was taken inside and injected … i honestly don’t remember how did they manage it finally.

So i can say I survived the car accident but i didn’t survive the needle! haha.. But was i fit? How did I survive? By God’s Grace I was a healthy kid. But is physical fitness enough? When we were lying in the ground the people in the street came running to help us get up and take to a safe place. My niece jumped off somehow when the car hit and she was good. She helped us immediately. So all of their contributions should be included in my survival. From this event i came to know what is survival. But this survival still didn’t prove my fitness! Or may be it did. Physical or any type of fitness sure is a gift of God. When we fell weak God through his people took us in His arms and comforted us. The kindness and compassion in the creations’ hearts too are the gifts of God. That day God made us collectively fit. Isn’t it a great fitness for a being to help others in their needs? 🙂

Praise God! Through Survival i just got to travel in God’s Heart. Thanks.




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