Reflection Series


Reflection 01

Wood, 94 x 42 cm, 2011

World of Reflection_01

Reflection 02

Serigraph/Silk screen print, 63 x 50 cm, 2012


Reflection 03

Collage and poster color on paper, 84 x 52 cm, 2013

A world of realization is presented through this work . In this world of realization man realizes that this world and everything in it are reflections. So s/he starts to seek for the True Being and in this journey the True being  keeps revealing many sides of the Truth to the seeker.

The upper segment of this work shows how we grow up spiritually from a lower to higher level. Starting from the left top corner a progress is shown through earth , plant , an animal and a human . I have used these forms as metaphors. They represent both physical and spiritual progress. At the beginning stage of our life we cannot walk, or speak neither do we ponder upon ourselves or creation. At the second stage we can walk, speak and we start to become aware of our needs slowly. At the third stage we enter a disciplined area of education. And those who get a proper guide ,progress towards a higher level of consciousness. Gradually they become a successful human being. Likewise, when we become aware of our soul and start to seek truth ,at the beginners level we are like trees- we need to acquire knowledge so that we can walk upon the spiritual realm and we also need to know about the true path to the True Being. Upon acquiring knowledge the seeker’s lower self dies and s/he enters a new level. At the second stage our ego or animal instincts are still dominant . At this level if the seeker struggles s/he may get over the ego . That Ear on the background represents a call from the divine guide. The seeker in this picture heard the call and accepted. So her false ego dies and she progress to be a human being. This is the level when seeker becomes more aware of the soul and by the divine guidance she starts meditating upon the Truth. The open window on her right side represents the spiritual eye which enables her vision.

The lower segment reflects upon her search and some realizations. Here reflections on various surfaces are shown (such as mirror, land, water etc). It shows how the reflections vary on different surfaces and from different perspectives. From the seekers own reflection she realizes how some reflections convey incomplete message about the person it reflects, and how some reflections convey totally confusing messages. The mirror here is most reliable . Yet one should not take it for all. A mirror at a time may reflect only a side and although it is one truth, it is not the complete truth. Even if the mirror rounds the person and reflect all the sides of the person it still would reflect a little about the heart of the person. From this the seeker realizes that we as the mirror of the True Being may reflect a very little of the complete truth. So to know the Truth one must journey deep inside. The steps and gates drawn on the main character’s body represent the spiritual journey. 5 gates with the colors represent 5 stations and 7 steps represent 7 planes of consciousness.

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