This way or that way we humans do like to decorate ourselves. For some it may appear as if trying to look someone else, just different from what one naturally appears to be.:)

Today i am so intrigued by this thought – Who is it that one seeks to be? What is this drive?

Some of us may not like to do make-up or wear jewellery  but yet they might be choosy about the fabric or patterns or simply the colors of their clothes. some might feel beautiful about themselves without much artificial stuffs on them. I mean we have different ways of being content about beauty.

The core thing is ‘Beauty’…

It is Beauty (Source of course is God. I also view God as Beauty!) who is ever active to become manifest. And it becomes manifest in different ways in different individuals according to one’s openness to Beauty(may be).

Beauty knocks on the door of our heart. When the outer door is open we see its manifestation in one’s outer appearance. When another door opens we see one mostly content with how one naturally is. Another lock is unlocked and one finds beauty not only in the outer shell but also on the inside. Gradually one discovers beauty in our inner nature… Another door is unlocked and one sees beauty in the knowledge which influences our nature. Another door opens and we discover beauty in our ways of living …. Another opens…. we discover beauty in our ways of Being… Another opening … we find beauty in our ways of coming into being… We pass another layer we find beauty in Being… We pass layers… we discover …. where are the doors   where are any lock … this heart is an open meadow … where is its beginning and where the end… Why am I even calling it heart which is not limited into place … Where is it… Beauty itself?!!!

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