One day I saw a child jumping

into the bosom of her mother

even after being scolded by her hardly.

She cried and yet didn’t go elsewhere

to find solace.

After the very strike of pain

the very first place she sought shelter in

is the giver of the pain!

I was amazed and asked inside-

O God! What is this love?

And how…. ?

He answered me immediately!

But I heard it clear today

when I found that child within me.

God sowed the seed of His answer in me

and nurtured that child in me

and all these years I have been that child

even as I grew up that child is still in me…

Yesterday I saw it less clearly

and today I see it more clearly.

So my dear, now probably you too know

how I love you.

You are good or bad, angel or Satan, great or mean

I love you

You are loyal or betrayer

I love you

You are prince or pauper

I love you

You love me or you hate me

I love you and accept both gifts from you.

You praise me or despise me

I love you and either way

I run to your bosom.

You tend me or scold me

I love you and either way

I find solace in you.

You look at me or turn from me

I love you and I stay by your side either way.

And when you turn to me again

you find me just there

holding the corner of your sleeve

ready to jump into your bosom

no matter how hard or soft your bosom is…

I love you.

Now seeing this love I ask-

The One (God), Who has given love

inside me to this extent

can you even imagine His limitless Love for you?

Can you even imagine to which extent

He can go for the Love for you?

Can you feel how close He has been to you?

Can you feel His breath in you?

Can you feel His warmth all over

and inside of you?

Can you feel His Bosom where

He is always holding you?

Like a child or a lover… sorry

there is no enough misaal

to describe His Misl.

Your light and darkness

both are His gifts.

He has created even a Day

with the combination of day and night.

We all at various degrees tend to

feel secure with the sunlight mostly.

But when we find love we learn to

love the moon even with its one side dark

and learn to read the stars in the night sky.

We find path in Love even in the darkness.

Incomparable is the Purity of His Love!

All the love that there is, is His only.

Yet He takes disguise of others name

as if it is not Him but someone else!

Oh God! Humbleness!

He is the most worthy of all love.

Yet He is the first to approach us

to respond to His Love.

We were breathless

He breathed from Him into us.

We were soulless

He gave us His Soul!

Can you find any greater Zakah than this?

On this earth the zakah we give are

only small misaals to understand His.

But His Misl is only Him!

Wherever you go or whichever way you go

you’ll end up in Him

There is no without.

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