Hmmm.. Beach.. What thought or memory does this word bring?

Memories of the views of the beaches, sands, waves, crabs walking and hiding in the sands, beautiful patterns on sand made by the crabs, walking barefooted near the water so that it feels as if the waves are playing or interacting with me, Sounds of the waves, watching the stars laying under open sky, smell of yummy fish fries, clod water from a deep tube well, walking longest distance for the first time..

Thoughts of the vastness, depth, calmness, excitement, distance, nearness, love, passion, innocence and some abstracts in the nature as well as in the humans.

Wow.. for a moment i got back to that time in those places. We humans are so peculiarly amazing. I can’t help praising God. How just one word sometimes makes us travel a thousand miles and even more. Up to the moon and beyond.

The picture above is from a beach in Himchhari which we visited on way to Inani Beach of Cox’s Bazar. We didn’t have plan to visit this place. But the views and the colors and calmness were so captivating i had to stop there. It wasn’t much crowded. Standing there it felt tranquility embraced me.

At the Inani Beach it was super hot. walking on the hot sand wasn’t that much fun. To reach near the water i had to walk a lot. Then finally when reached there i was excited like a kid to find a big turtle!


Hahaha.. yeah.. my excitement didn’t go away even after discovering that it wasn’t a turtle. After that i discovered more forms like crocodile, folk horse, ancient mother statue, antique coins etc. It was fun.

After Inani we went to the Saint Martin’s Island.


I haven’t been to such beautiful beach before. The rocks, hermit crabs, corals, shells, sands, water, trees, plants, sky, sun, moon, stars everything looked so differently beautiful from there. The night sky felt as if much bigger and closer than the city sky. May be it has a scientific explanation. But I don’t know. I met a friendly dog there who could smile. When i saw that my expression was- Oh really!? Well, may be you would call it some other expression.. But i saw smile 🙂


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