Inspiration-Raison D’être

Raison D’être
This morning I found this topic on the Daily Post’s discover challenge. It reminded me of many reasons behind my art works.

Childhood Reasons: I have been drawing pictures since I was around 7. I used feel a strange drive to draw draw and draw from within. So i can say my first inspiration came from within and i used to draw because my inner being asked me to do. I don’t know of any other complex ideas from then.

When i was 9 i used to see my brother drawing beautiful scenery, portraits etc. That inspired me to draw beautifully like him. So i started practicing by copying his drawings and sometimes just drawing my own ideas concentrating on perfection of forms. But why? It gave me strange pleasure as if it was a food of my soul.

Youth Reasons: Before reaching the youth i received many admiration from family, friends and others around. One day i heard a brother telling someone- ‘her drawings are so amazing. When she grows up we’ll get her admitted to the Fine Art Institute!’ Those words inspired me highly and i started dreaming of becoming an artist. But why i wanted to make art works? The reason was a mix of my personal love towards art and i also liked to be admired.

After getting admitted to the Fine Art Institute of the city i was overwhelmed by the art works of the senior artists as well as my classmates. The academic rules and their perfections kinda slowed me down at the beginning as i wasn’t seeing myself any good :p. haha. Well.. at this stage my aim became to learn the academic rules of fine art. After a year i was introduced to ‘the Love of God’ in a new light by a friend. That brought a huge turning point in my purpose of making art. I then wanted to draw whatever inspiration or realization i used to feel inside about God, His Love etc.

Adulthood Reasons: My mid youth reasons are still active in my life. I make art works to express whatever i realize about my self , this world, creations and above all the Creator. The inner purpose is to serve the world or anyone in a positive way.


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