As soon as i saw this word the first line came to my mind was – “Survival of the fittest.”

So, whoever survives is the fittest? Or whoever is the fittest do survive for sure? Then i must know what is survival or what is even fitness.

Survivalthe act or fact of surviving, especially under adverse or unusual circumstances.   I am trying to understand it through story or personal experience.

I was around 7 years old. One day i, my mother and one niece were going to visit my eldest sister. On way we met an accident and we all fell off to the street. I remember seeing the car passing closely by me when i was laying on the ground. and i saw on the other side people ran to help us and helped my mom to take to a safer side. After that we were taken to home or my sister’s place i don’t remember very well now. I remember my mom got terribly hurt and she was bleeding here and there. I arms and legs were bleeding and i got a loose tooth. I remember the scene of me crying like ..umm.. i don’t know what should i compare it to.. well it was very loud cry as i was being taken to the doctor’s chamber for injection. I wasn’t willing at all even to see a piece of needle before my eyes! Let alone getting injected :p . I was crying and holding a pillar right outside doctor’s chamber. Someone once told me i am somewhat like monkeys. My grips were good enough even in childhood, now i realize. But still i was taken inside and injected … i honestly don’t remember how did they manage it finally.

So i can say I survived the car accident but i didn’t survive the needle! haha.. But was i fit? How did I survive? By God’s Grace I was a healthy kid. But is physical fitness enough? When we were lying in the ground the people in the street came running to help us get up and take to a safe place. My niece jumped off somehow when the car hit and she was good. She helped us immediately. So all of their contributions should be included in my survival. From this event i came to know what is survival. But this survival still didn’t prove my fitness! Or may be it did. Physical or any type of fitness sure is a gift of God. When we fell weak God through his people took us in His arms and comforted us. The kindness and compassion in the creations’ hearts too are the gifts of God. That day God made us collectively fit. Isn’t it a great fitness for a being to help others in their needs? 🙂

Praise God! Through Survival i just got to travel in God’s Heart. Thanks.




Reflection Series


Reflection 01

Wood, 94 x 42 cm, 2011

World of Reflection_01

Reflection 02

Serigraph/Silk screen print, 63 x 50 cm, 2012


Reflection 03

Collage and poster color on paper, 84 x 52 cm, 2013

A world of realization is presented through this work . In this world of realization man realizes that this world and everything in it are reflections. So s/he starts to seek for the True Being and in this journey the True being  keeps revealing many sides of the Truth to the seeker.

The upper segment of this work shows how we grow up spiritually from a lower to higher level. Starting from the left top corner a progress is shown through earth , plant , an animal and a human . I have used these forms as metaphors. They represent both physical and spiritual progress. At the beginning stage of our life we cannot walk, or speak neither do we ponder upon ourselves or creation. At the second stage we can walk, speak and we start to become aware of our needs slowly. At the third stage we enter a disciplined area of education. And those who get a proper guide ,progress towards a higher level of consciousness. Gradually they become a successful human being. Likewise, when we become aware of our soul and start to seek truth ,at the beginners level we are like trees- we need to acquire knowledge so that we can walk upon the spiritual realm and we also need to know about the true path to the True Being. Upon acquiring knowledge the seeker’s lower self dies and s/he enters a new level. At the second stage our ego or animal instincts are still dominant . At this level if the seeker struggles s/he may get over the ego . That Ear on the background represents a call from the divine guide. The seeker in this picture heard the call and accepted. So her false ego dies and she progress to be a human being. This is the level when seeker becomes more aware of the soul and by the divine guidance she starts meditating upon the Truth. The open window on her right side represents the spiritual eye which enables her vision.

The lower segment reflects upon her search and some realizations. Here reflections on various surfaces are shown (such as mirror, land, water etc). It shows how the reflections vary on different surfaces and from different perspectives. From the seekers own reflection she realizes how some reflections convey incomplete message about the person it reflects, and how some reflections convey totally confusing messages. The mirror here is most reliable . Yet one should not take it for all. A mirror at a time may reflect only a side and although it is one truth, it is not the complete truth. Even if the mirror rounds the person and reflect all the sides of the person it still would reflect a little about the heart of the person. From this the seeker realizes that we as the mirror of the True Being may reflect a very little of the complete truth. So to know the Truth one must journey deep inside. The steps and gates drawn on the main character’s body represent the spiritual journey. 5 gates with the colors represent 5 stations and 7 steps represent 7 planes of consciousness.



This way or that way we humans do like to decorate ourselves. For some it may appear as if trying to look someone else, just different from what one naturally appears to be.:)

Today i am so intrigued by this thought – Who is it that one seeks to be? What is this drive?

Some of us may not like to do make-up or wear jewellery  but yet they might be choosy about the fabric or patterns or simply the colors of their clothes. some might feel beautiful about themselves without much artificial stuffs on them. I mean we have different ways of being content about beauty.

The core thing is ‘Beauty’…

It is Beauty (Source of course is God. I also view God as Beauty!) who is ever active to become manifest. And it becomes manifest in different ways in different individuals according to one’s openness to Beauty(may be).

Beauty knocks on the door of our heart. When the outer door is open we see its manifestation in one’s outer appearance. When another door opens we see one mostly content with how one naturally is. Another lock is unlocked and one finds beauty not only in the outer shell but also on the inside. Gradually one discovers beauty in our inner nature… Another door is unlocked and one sees beauty in the knowledge which influences our nature. Another door opens and we discover beauty in our ways of living …. Another opens…. we discover beauty in our ways of Being… Another opening … we find beauty in our ways of coming into being… We pass another layer we find beauty in Being… We pass layers… we discover …. where are the doors   where are any lock … this heart is an open meadow … where is its beginning and where the end… Why am I even calling it heart which is not limited into place … Where is it… Beauty itself?!!!

Beloved God’s Mystery

  1. 8.2015

He (God) has written His mysteries

everywhere in His creation

at every corner of His creation!


Even in the smallest of creations

is His mystery inscribed!

In each part of our body,

in each minute design

there are His mysteries inscribed!

In every atom

is His mystery inscribed.

Like Hansel He has laid

trail of bread crumbs

all the way to Him for us.

No matter how much and

how many times a bird eats up

all the bread crumbs

God keeps laying the trail afresh

and He doesn’t get tired 🙂



One day I saw a child jumping

into the bosom of her mother

even after being scolded by her hardly.

She cried and yet didn’t go elsewhere

to find solace.

After the very strike of pain

the very first place she sought shelter in

is the giver of the pain!

I was amazed and asked inside-

O God! What is this love?

And how…. ?

He answered me immediately!

But I heard it clear today

when I found that child within me.

God sowed the seed of His answer in me

and nurtured that child in me

and all these years I have been that child

even as I grew up that child is still in me…

Yesterday I saw it less clearly

and today I see it more clearly.

So my dear, now probably you too know

how I love you.

You are good or bad, angel or Satan, great or mean

I love you

You are loyal or betrayer

I love you

You are prince or pauper

I love you

You love me or you hate me

I love you and accept both gifts from you.

You praise me or despise me

I love you and either way

I run to your bosom.

You tend me or scold me

I love you and either way

I find solace in you.

You look at me or turn from me

I love you and I stay by your side either way.

And when you turn to me again

you find me just there

holding the corner of your sleeve

ready to jump into your bosom

no matter how hard or soft your bosom is…

I love you.

Now seeing this love I ask-

The One (God), Who has given love

inside me to this extent

can you even imagine His limitless Love for you?

Can you even imagine to which extent

He can go for the Love for you?

Can you feel how close He has been to you?

Can you feel His breath in you?

Can you feel His warmth all over

and inside of you?

Can you feel His Bosom where

He is always holding you?

Like a child or a lover… sorry

there is no enough misaal

to describe His Misl.

Your light and darkness

both are His gifts.

He has created even a Day

with the combination of day and night.

We all at various degrees tend to

feel secure with the sunlight mostly.

But when we find love we learn to

love the moon even with its one side dark

and learn to read the stars in the night sky.

We find path in Love even in the darkness.

Incomparable is the Purity of His Love!

All the love that there is, is His only.

Yet He takes disguise of others name

as if it is not Him but someone else!

Oh God! Humbleness!

He is the most worthy of all love.

Yet He is the first to approach us

to respond to His Love.

We were breathless

He breathed from Him into us.

We were soulless

He gave us His Soul!

Can you find any greater Zakah than this?

On this earth the zakah we give are

only small misaals to understand His.

But His Misl is only Him!

Wherever you go or whichever way you go

you’ll end up in Him

There is no without.



Hmmm.. Beach.. What thought or memory does this word bring?

Memories of the views of the beaches, sands, waves, crabs walking and hiding in the sands, beautiful patterns on sand made by the crabs, walking barefooted near the water so that it feels as if the waves are playing or interacting with me, Sounds of the waves, watching the stars laying under open sky, smell of yummy fish fries, clod water from a deep tube well, walking longest distance for the first time..

Thoughts of the vastness, depth, calmness, excitement, distance, nearness, love, passion, innocence and some abstracts in the nature as well as in the humans.

Wow.. for a moment i got back to that time in those places. We humans are so peculiarly amazing. I can’t help praising God. How just one word sometimes makes us travel a thousand miles and even more. Up to the moon and beyond.

The picture above is from a beach in Himchhari which we visited on way to Inani Beach of Cox’s Bazar. We didn’t have plan to visit this place. But the views and the colors and calmness were so captivating i had to stop there. It wasn’t much crowded. Standing there it felt tranquility embraced me.

At the Inani Beach it was super hot. walking on the hot sand wasn’t that much fun. To reach near the water i had to walk a lot. Then finally when reached there i was excited like a kid to find a big turtle!


Hahaha.. yeah.. my excitement didn’t go away even after discovering that it wasn’t a turtle. After that i discovered more forms like crocodile, folk horse, ancient mother statue, antique coins etc. It was fun.

After Inani we went to the Saint Martin’s Island.


I haven’t been to such beautiful beach before. The rocks, hermit crabs, corals, shells, sands, water, trees, plants, sky, sun, moon, stars everything looked so differently beautiful from there. The night sky felt as if much bigger and closer than the city sky. May be it has a scientific explanation. But I don’t know. I met a friendly dog there who could smile. When i saw that my expression was- Oh really!? Well, may be you would call it some other expression.. But i saw smile 🙂


Inspiration-Raison D’être

Raison D’être
This morning I found this topic on the Daily Post’s discover challenge. It reminded me of many reasons behind my art works.

Childhood Reasons: I have been drawing pictures since I was around 7. I used feel a strange drive to draw draw and draw from within. So i can say my first inspiration came from within and i used to draw because my inner being asked me to do. I don’t know of any other complex ideas from then.

When i was 9 i used to see my brother drawing beautiful scenery, portraits etc. That inspired me to draw beautifully like him. So i started practicing by copying his drawings and sometimes just drawing my own ideas concentrating on perfection of forms. But why? It gave me strange pleasure as if it was a food of my soul.

Youth Reasons: Before reaching the youth i received many admiration from family, friends and others around. One day i heard a brother telling someone- ‘her drawings are so amazing. When she grows up we’ll get her admitted to the Fine Art Institute!’ Those words inspired me highly and i started dreaming of becoming an artist. But why i wanted to make art works? The reason was a mix of my personal love towards art and i also liked to be admired.

After getting admitted to the Fine Art Institute of the city i was overwhelmed by the art works of the senior artists as well as my classmates. The academic rules and their perfections kinda slowed me down at the beginning as i wasn’t seeing myself any good :p. haha. Well.. at this stage my aim became to learn the academic rules of fine art. After a year i was introduced to ‘the Love of God’ in a new light by a friend. That brought a huge turning point in my purpose of making art. I then wanted to draw whatever inspiration or realization i used to feel inside about God, His Love etc.

Adulthood Reasons: My mid youth reasons are still active in my life. I make art works to express whatever i realize about my self , this world, creations and above all the Creator. The inner purpose is to serve the world or anyone in a positive way.



Does our brain have the ability to produce smells, diverse smells?

why asking?

see, sometimes when i hear of some specific flower or food i get their smell. Also while watching a cooking show I sometimes get the aroma. What is it? Is the smell stored in memory cell connected to nasal system? Nasal memory!? If not then it must be brain producing the smell from memory!